Rage: the Missing Ingredient

September 24, 2010

Whatever disagreements I may have with the way in which the Obama Administration and various “fools” in Congress have failed to repair the vast damage to this country committed by the Junior Bush Administration, I realize that the damage was done by that administration.  President Obama has supported and instituted changes, however inadequate or incomplete, that have been very beneficial to Big Business, multimillionaires, insurance companies, drug companies, durable goods suppliers, medical laboratories, hospitals and major banks.  His administration has saved millions of jobs with a stimulus package (however foolishly diluted by both parties) and by continuing to keep corporate taxes relatively low and capital gains taxes within reasonable limits.  The administration has reasonably compromised, rightly or wrongly (depending on ones orientation) with its opposition in the business arena, though, perhaps, not in the medical arena.  The incompetence of the ultra progressives in achieving some of the correct changes in the wrong chronological order is the cause of the phony Tea Party indignation.

The Tea Party has every right to complain about taxes- mainly on the way they are spent, but not about how they don’t want to pay any taxes at all!  Stop whining already!  Medical and Military waste constitute as much as 20% and 40% of their respective budgets, for goodness’ sake, and nothing has been done to address either source of rotting pork!  Everything the Obama Administration does to advance the Junior Bush abortive attempt to govern, only enables his previously powerless opponents.  Foolishly expanding the war in Afghanistan is beyond excuse, but not addressing Medicare or the Defense Industry’s corruption and rape of our citizenry is the real source of our economic problems.

Mr. Obama: The tax cuts for the rich, right or wrong, are minuscule compared to the waste in defense spending.  For goodness’ sake, compromise on the damned tax cuts! Compromise!  Intelligent people will support compromise!!!  If not, address them as the flaming idiots that they are  acting like and win over the independent voters automatically.  Tell the ultra left wing nuts to “back off” as well.  Most importantly, in the short term, attack!  Attack as your opponents do; it is the only defense.  Attack the cause of our problems: the Junior Bush Administration!!!  Get your Uncle Tom Holder off of his dead ass and “investigate!”  Give Cheney, Rumsfeld, McChrystal,Bush, even Karl Rove immunity, but investigate the bastards, it’s the least you can do for your country after the massive damage they have inflicted on us!  The scandal will not only keep you in office, but will actually save the country!

Allen Finkelstein, D.O.