September 19, 2008

In an emotional and memorable moment, this summer at the Republican National Convention, Sarah Palin reminded us that John McCain had looked evil in the eye in Hanoi. Poignant as the actual scene was in Hanoi, we Americans need not look to Hanoi to see evil and it is not to be found in simple people like Barack Obama or Joe Biden. It is to be found in the likes of Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, parasites who suck blood money from taxpayers, one, “privatizing” government offices at some ten times the actual cost (Cheney), the other, “privatizing” our armed forces at ten times the actual cost (Rumsfeld). “Evil” is stealing money from health care, cancer research, education, police officers and firefighters, and from military hospitals. Evil is substituting substandard weapons, armor and support for our soldiers in Iraq. It is taking funds meant for health care for our wounded and donating them to other parasites like Haliburton, Exxon Mobil, Blackwater and hundreds of thousands of carpetbaggers we are so generously supporting in Iraq. Evil is a multimillion-dollar contract with Raytheon to produce antimissile tank devices for 2010, devices that Israel has been trying to sell us for eight years.

“Evil” is incompetently allowing the first major military attack on our soil in hundreds of years and blaming it on your predecessor long after he is out of office. “Evil” is subverting your own CIA and FBI to enable that very attack. “Evil” is arranging for the Justice Department to be run by a mentally challenged religious fanatic who has received her mail order law degree from Oral Roberts. “Evil” is rewarding a fellow mentally challenged colleague like Gonzo because he helped to purge not only your DUI, but your Vice President’s from public memory and news media. “Evil” is blaming Saddam Hussein for Saudi Arabian Bin Laden’s attack on New York so that your bosom buddies at Haliburton, Exxon Mobil, Blackwater and 200,000 carpetbaggers could gain a foothold in that poor country. “Evil” is the loss of thousands of lives for your own political and economic benefit. “Evil” is torturing prisoners who have not even been accused of a crime. “Evil” is hiring companies of incompetent civilians who pay people to turn in their innocent neighbors for rewards, then paying the companies enormous bonuses for the prisoners. “Evil” is suspending Habeus Corpus, holding people, even Americans, for years without charging them; it is illegal surveillance, the War Powers Act, the Patriot Act, illegal torture by privateers and firing of Justice Department attorneys for refusing to break the law. “Evil” is destroying incriminating e-mails. “Evil” is sending anthrax letters to public officials and blaming it on Saddam Hussein; it is also telling the FBI to lose the evidence. (Stupidity however, Mr. Cheney, is not paying attention in Science class, and not realizing that the anthrax would eventually be traced genetically to our own labs.)

“Evil” is all around us, Ms. Palin, but don’t try to look it in the eye, because in your party, “Justice” is totally, abjectly blind .

Allen Finkelstein, D.O.