Diary Excerpts: Incontinent Thoughts of a Rogue Thinker


11/20/17     So far, Secretary of State Tillerson has erroneously referred to his boss, Donald Trump as a “moron’” while National Security Advisor McMaster apparently felt that the term “idiot” was the more accurate designation.  While I understand completely why someone so blatantly ignorant of and worse yet, uninterested in the information necessary to perform the job of President of the United States might be labeled “moron,” “idiot’” or any of several other epithets describing the level of his I.Q., these terms are probably insulting to those people, who through no fault of their own, actually possess intellects in those ranges.  While I empathize with both cabinet members’ frustration and not to flatter Mr. Trump, I respectfully submit that a much more appropriate designation would be “ignoramus.”

     Whether due to arrogance, egomania, narcissism, compensation for an enigmatic inferiority complex, some other deep seated psychological problem or some form of dementia, Mr. Trump seems amazingly ignorant of even the basic functions of the government, the Constitution, the judiciary, the press or even of the value of common decency.  For those who claim they “never saw it coming,” I need only remind them of Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Allen West, and so many other Tea Party extremists equally unfamiliar with the concept of a corroborated fact.  And now, ironically, Kellyanne Conway and Sarah Huckabee Sanders, two people with obviously above average IQ’s seem to be feigning blatant stupidity in the face of their president’s embarrassing admission of his guilt in accosting women even before being accused in the press.

     The real difference between Roy Moore, Al Franken, and Donald Trump is that Moore will always will be in denial, Franken admitted his indiscretion(s) after being “caught,” while Trump gleefully admitted them even before being caught and then asked that the admissions be excused because they were those of a liar. That, in turn, begs the famous question: “were you lying then or are you lying now?” I have to admit, I couldn’t really fault someone for calling that... “stupid.” 

11/28/17      After listening to the Access Hollywood  tapes again, I find Mr. Trump’s allegation that the voice on the tape is not his to be a simple lie since he already acknowledged saying those things.  However, his contention that the voice on the tape is Hillary’s definitely merits a dementia workup.  Meanwhile, anyone who thinks he's doing the country a service by defending Mr. Trump’s competence and character probably needs to visit the nearest outhouse and have a little talk with himself since his head is conveniently up in the appropriate part of his colon already.


12/8/17     Continued murmurings regarding Iran nuclear deal in the air.  Wrote many times, believe best deal possible under circumstances.  We don’t trade with Iran and thus U.S. sanctions have minimal effect on them.  Iran depends on Europe so their sanctions are the ones that count.  The other sanctions that count are those of the banking world which world I doubt gives two hoots about rogue nuclear nations, human life, or survival of the planet as long as they continue to collect their own blood money.  Meanwhile, despite the admirable job Obama did to save the economy and the banks, he let them go with few caveats.  The fact that the Europeans (Angela Merkel) somehow convinced the banks to exert sanctions on Iran is obviously why the Iranians had to agree to a nuclear treaty.  That is, it’s why Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s “Supreme Leader” had to agree to the deal.  Iran’s president, moderate Hassan Rouhani, who probably couldn’t care less about Iran having “nukes,” was probably overjoyed with the deal as was former president, Ahmadinejad, also a closet moderate despite his harsh rhetoric regarding the U.S.  Shows why we have to honor global alliances with the EU.  Republicans know it too and all their sudden anti global posturing is not political supplication to those Hillary shamefully called “deplorables,” but to the legion of the purposely ignorant, led by “Ignoramus in Chief, Donald Trump.  If Republicans continue to isolate us, not only will we lose position as world leader, but many other countries may follow our example, recreating a pre WWII scenario.


1/7/18     Michael Wolff’s “Fire and Fury:” considering the source, would rate it mostly believable.  At least enough to justify most accurate title for president, “Ignoramus in Chief.”


1/15/18     Excellent article in Politico by Susan Glasser: How Does Obama’s Foreign Policy Look a Year Into Trump?  Reviews tensions in administration over issues in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran as well as Obama administration complacency with assurance that Hillary would win election.  I think Obama was really good man, initially unprepared for presidency  Matured in office, but too late.  Never understood the phenomenal degree of ignorance of the “born again” George W. Bush (who finally matured far too late) administration theocracy..  Never recognized his own lack of understanding of history.  Even Alexander the Great, conqueror of the entire known world, skipped Afghanistan, explaining that there was nothing there.  The Soviet Union went bankrupt because they foolishly attacked Afghanistan. George W. Bush and a coterie of his most incompetent generals and propagandists, badly embarrassed by their previous failure to investigate the 9/11 perpetrators, sent us into the same empty rabbit hole and Mr. Obama followed, sending even more troops into oblivion.  Meanwhile, troops in Iraq were removed, leaving no protection for Sunnis from the Iranian government set up by the previous “born again, should never have been born to begin with” administration’s incompetents who had no reason to send the troops into Iraq in the first place! 

     Mr. Obama, smart as he is, never seemed to put it together.  His “Uncle Tom Holder,” token Attorney General, never went after Karl Rove and partner in crime, William Canary or any of the “born again” legal “pro’s” like Leura Canary, Alice Martin, Judge Fuller, David Estes so obviously guilty in framing defense contractor Alex Latifi and ex Alabama governor Don Siegelman among many other Bush era political prisoners.  Instead, he went after whistle blowers in defense of his and W’s administrations.  Nor did his favorite uncle prosecute anyone for preventing people from voting which could have forced the issue of the right to vote back into the Supreme Court where it rightfully belongs.

     Anyway, in short, Ms. Glasser, I think all of our allies except Israeli Mafia Don Netanyahu wish Obama were still in office, while Russia and China are licking their chops over the prospect of Ignoramus in Chief Trump furthering their goal of controlling and undermining the free world.


1/16/18     How appropriate for the “We used to be Christians” party to keep proving that politics can corrupt even the most skilled of the phony evangelical actors.  Now “s___ hole countries” witnesses Tom Cotton and David Perdue have joined the ranks of Pat Robertson and Ralph Reed, trading their ex-Savior, Jesus Christ for new Savior, Donald Trump.  How does it feel boys, to know that the only thing your new religion and your old one have in common is that you’ll certainly end up in the same place as your “Savior.”  Not too late to change your minds and “come to Jesus” again!  He’s been known to forgive liars and even cure the deaf, you know.

“Least racist person we know,” Donald Trump spent Martin Luther King Holiday playing golf.  Have to give him credit for staying out of public sight, less hypocritical of him.  Still, good philosophical question: can one be an unabashed bigot, but not a racist? If he were still around, I’d ask Martin Heidegger, famous Nazi existentialist philosopher, member of the “other” we used to be Christian” Party.


Al Finkelstein, 1/16/18