Devil’s Advocate II

Democrats: Naïve or Stupid?

September 18, 2008

Barack Obama: It’s not too late! You are not stupid. I doubt that you are naïve. That leaves you no excuse. If you think that you have the solutions needed to save the economy and the soul of a nation, then you are arrogant and we are better served with Mr. McCain and Ms. Palin in the White House. They have an excuse- they are good people in a very bad party. Their political party as they know it should be utterly destroyed and rebuilt. It is no longer of any use to the republic in its present form. Its ideals have been hopelessly subverted by evil meaning people with no patriotic feeling whatsoever.

You, because of ultra left wing (“stupid”- the only appropriate word, I’m sorry to say) people in your party cannot ask for advice from the likes of a James Baker or George Bush Sr., but you can ask Bill Clinton for real advice on the economy. You are not “stupid.” You know that you must raise taxes! You know that you must cut spending! You know that you must start to pay off the huge, huge unforgiveable national debt that was built by an ex-drunk, cocaine-induced brain damaged President and his drunken Vice-President.

You also know that ultimately, these two, as well as Karl Rove, Rumsfeld and others need to be brought to justice. You know that in a more perfect world, they would be impeached or indicted, tried, convicted and despite being guilty and deserving of the most extreme penalties, appropriately pardoned. For some reason, the Democratic Congressional Houses are afraid to do what is necessary. If you permit the “Harlot and the half-wit” comedy team to dominate your campaign, if you do not attack these sick incumbents as you should, even if you are to be elected, you can do no good for this country.

Before you brag about your brilliant “corrections” of the Bush tax cuts, before you rush to raise taxes on some of the wrong people and in the wrong way, please ask yourself “how can I raise taxes without creating regressive taxes that stifle economic growth? For instance, should I raise the hell out of capital gains taxes, or should I limit their use?? Do I really want to restrict long term investments or keep investors from cheating??”

Even before you bring back tens of thousands of soldiers from Iraq, should you not ask for an accounting of where the hell the money goes?? Should you not “follow the money” once you have appropriated it? Should 90% of the funds directed to the armed forces end up in the blood soaked hands of Mr. Rumsfeld’s carpetbagger buddies? Should Haliburton, Exxon Mobil, and Bechtel receive your appropriations to purposely not produce oil and not to rebuild the infrastructure in Iraq? Where is your voice? Cat got your tongue???

When is your Vice President going to start waking up and talk about our drunken and brain-damaged foreign policy? When are both of you going to expose the latest gaff by our mentally ill Vice President and his lady lap-dog, Ms. Rice? We promise unqualified ex-Soviet Satellite countries entrance to NATO so that they can point missiles at Russia. When Russia reacts, we condemn them for our miscues. If Russia had sent missiles to Cuba, Mr. Cheney would undoubtedly have tried to murder all of Cuba by now. Lost your voice? Cat got your tongue, Mr. Biden??

Should be a great year for Presidential debates, I hope. I haven’t heard anything remotely intelligent from either candidate yet. The situation is too critical at this time to settle for the same questions of the Presidential primary debates. I only hope that the questioners will do us all a favor and look like “Devil’s Advocate III.” Let’s leave questions about the World Series out of the debate this time around.

Allen Finkelstein, D.O.