Neopsychotics, Neopsychotics Everywhere

( Nor Any An Honest Idea To Think) [1]

July 22, 2008

In Europe they call it Neoliberalism. Here we call it Neoconservatism. Practically speaking we have been more and more submerged in Neopsychosis since the 1970’s. We have totally subsidized industries, unable to function without constant government monetary and political assistance. Why should government have to infuse profits into your industry? If lenders did not demand home insurance, most people would not get it. Most disaster coverage is government funded, either directly (eg flood insurance) or indirectly by declaration of a “state of emergency.”

Quite obviously, the Homeowner’s Insurance Industry is totally incapable of financing the monster racket that they have helped to create. The government needs to take over home insurance instead of constantly administering first aid to the industry every time it gets a “boo-boo.”

I, for one, am sick and tired of poorly educated, brainwashed people pontificating about any legitimate government activity by calling it “socialism.” “Socialism” in the pejorative sense is based on: taking money from richer people and using the funds for all of the people, including “freeloaders.”

What Joe Scarborough calls “socialism,” however, is “government.” My concept of the role of government is perfectly consistent with “Free Enterprise.” In fact, the government, as an agent of the people, of voters, of a massive group of citizens, is a formidable player in Free Enterprise. Where services are not decently provided by private companies, people “get together” and can purchase good services and even control the costs. The government can help create healthy, effective competition by being such a large customer.

Do large companies run our government by bribing public officials or do we run the government? Does the government represent the “special interests” or the voters? Never mind corporate taxes, the government’s money comes from private income tax. The way it is spent is the problem.

McCain and Obama, one pandering to the Republicans, one pandering to the Democrats, are both ignoring simple problems with complicated solutions. Barack Obama threatens to raise taxes before he explores how money is spent. John McCain, voting against tax cuts because they were not accompanied by cuts in spending, now flip-flops. Worse yet, he now supports almost every attempt to raise spending, from illicit tax benefits to companies sucking up our jobs and taxes and depositing them both in foreign countries, to supporting Halliburton, Exxon Mobil and hundreds of thousands of carpetbaggers in Iraq with free donations. No word from Obama on the same issues- no railing against hundreds of billions in overspending on Medicare (NO competitive bidding at all- prices set by government criminals at 2-10 times retail for labs, durable goods and oxygen and double the VA and Canadian prices for drugs).

Neither candidate has mentioned an audit, before deciding his preposterous tax plan. McCain is already having to shed parasites like Gramm (soon O’Connel) and half of his buddies who he forgets have voted against almost every intelligent or humane bill McCain has ever introduced. They continue to vote against lender regulation, competitive bidding, even his health care plan which asks for incentives for businesses to cover health insurance for employees. They continue to vote for oil cartel incentives and against energy conservation. They continue to blatantly support Islamic Terrorists to the tune of hundreds of billions, even trillions of dollars in economic contributions. They continue to support the leeches like Halliburton, and other privateers who receive at least nine out of every ten dollars intended for the so-called “military.” They continue to “privatize” our government, employing companies either owned or involved with Cheney, Rumsfeld and their families. Where the hell are you, John McCain of 2000???

Obama can’t talk of an audit either. The only thing protecting his people from total scandal is the vastness of the parasitism of the Bush Administration. The voraciousness of the Bush appetite makes the perennial parasites of the Democratic Party look benign. Stark and Dingle have pilfered only a trillion dollars of Medicare in their long tenure, but unlike Cheney and Rumsfeld, their profit ended up in the hands of laboratories and their campaign coffers. Democrats have not mastered the concept of getting all that money into ones own pocket!!! At any rate, Obama can afford to look like a Democratic “fool,” a left wing ultra liberal, raising taxes and spending, because there are so few registered Republicans to seriously criticize him. Democrats are too used to left wing “fools” like Eugene McCarthy, Michael Dukakis and John Kerry.

Allen Finkelstein, D.O.

[1] From the Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner- “Water, Water Everywhere Nor Any a Drop to Drink.”