The Value of Justice


November 14, 2008


A few things are becoming increasingly clear. First, the massive, countless abuses of the Junior Bush administration will, undoubtedly, continue in the next 60 plus days. Secondly, scores of Bush appointees will continue to faithfully abuse their positions up to the last possible moment. Most of these creatures, including not only Mr. Cheney, but Mr. Paulson, Mr. Chertoff, Mr. Bolten, and countless others, will cause as much damage and illegally and immorally transfer huge amounts of taxpayers’ money to friends and family. They will continue to destabilize both our Constitution and the already compromised Justice System.


Already, Junior Bush, Cheney and Karl Rove have cried “Executive Privilege” and “Congressional Privilege” (Cheney) and refused to produce subpoenaed documents and evidence. After these Neanderthals are put, mercifully, out of office, they will, undoubtedly, make the same cries for “privilege” to hide their sins. Many people will be “out for blood.” They will demand hearings and try, justifiably, to indict, try and convict the deadly criminals of various, even capital crimes. They will, justifiably, dream of their execution and lonely burial in cursed ground.


Unfortunately, they must awaken from this pleasant reverie. The situation is far too important for daydreams. We must forget the idea of harsh punishment for these people. What is important is the “investigation.” Their evil deeds may go “unpunished,” but not “uncovered.” If we again deny the truth of their heinous and subversive actions, of their treachery, we are lost! In just a few years, other foul creatures will reappear and repeat the same scenarios.


One answer is “immunity,” transactional immunity, for, not only Junior Bush, Cheney, Attorney General Gonzalez, Karl Rove, Hank Paulson, and Monica Goodling, but for hundreds of these misguided creatures. If any of them refuses to testify, they need to be arrested and jailed for contempt.


Too bad that we cannot extend this concept to the likes of Anton Scalia and his vote(s) involving the 2000 Presidential election and those with whom he conferred prior to the decision or to Justice Roberts’ involvement in arranging that same decision. We can, however, include Katherine Harris, Jeb Bush and many Florida state legislators as well as Attorney General Ashcroft for their deliberate disenfranchisement of thousands of Florida (Democratic) voters. And, let us not forget Ohio’s Secretary of State in 2004, possibly already under indictment for voter fraud.


Forget the punishment if need be. Our goal: to prevent these things from happening again. Besides, let the public punish these thugs as they see fit.


Allen Finkelstein, D.O.