The Press Corpse

July 2, 2008

It is time! As the new Presidential election draws ever closer, most people, Republican and Democrat, take the mistaken view that George Bush is almost out of office, that mercifully he cannot cause more trouble. Beware! Nothing can be further from the truth! Recent accounts of our secret forays into Iran, plans of a blockade, an attack deep in Iraq, total disarray among the severely incompetent agencies of Homeland Security and Intelligence and Dick Cheney’s attempts to usurp the power of our armed forces present, perhaps, the greatest and most serious threat ever to our national security and our economic well being. This tandem of Neopsychotic leaders has already succeeded in destabilizing and demoralizing our armed forces, in selling out our entire economy to the Military Industrial Complex, e.g. Haliburton, Oil interests, thousands of Carpetbaggers, in tearing down our Constitution and compromising our intelligence agencies.

We cannot wait for these pompous dictators to destroy us. They need to be impeached. Conviction is of no importance. The investigation itself is the message. Neither John McCain nor Barack Obama can save us from the “Bush Legacy” once it has wreaked upon us its full fury.

Let us put things in very painful perspective. We, the American people, have already forfeited our Courts, our Press, our Houses of Congress. To a few of us, this is astounding and outrageous, but to most of us it is quite acceptable and, worse, it is accepted. Our Supreme Kangaroo Court feels it is perfectly okay for reporters who tell the Truth to be banned from White House Coverage! This is the same Press “Corpse” that has already given President Bush and Cheney a free pass over issues like their “DUI’s,” Bush’s phony “honorable” discharge from the National Guard, his campaign slogan in South Carolina calling Mr. McCain a “Ni**er Lover,” his corruption of the Justice Department, FEMA, Homeland Security and the CIA, secret deals with Oil companies, mining companies, munition companies all of which have cost several human lives. Why bother to pay off Supreme Court Justices to ban the poor incompetent fools from the White House? They don’t seem to report anything important anyway?

Where was our illustrious “Press Corpse” and its various rotten appendages during that Bush-McCain battle in 2000? Even Chris Matthews, my favorite newsperson, listened to his priest and voted for Mr. Bush despite the bigotry and DUI’s by both Bush and Cheney that eventually led to Cheney’s shooting of his lawyer buddy in the face while both were in a drunken stupor. This Mr. Matthews ignored, apparently because his church instructed him not to vote for a man whose “boss” received oral sex. Meanwhile, the mindless division of Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MMADD) was curiously silent as well and very ignorant apparently. (Surprise! Surprise!)

Thomas Friedman and the New York Times pushed for war in Iraq without interviewing anyone except their own reporters. God forbid they should talk to any Arabs except Chalabi, an Iranian Spy, about WMD’s or the tenuous balance of Sunni-Shiite relations. They also forgot to report the use of Haliburton and hundreds of thousands of Carpetbaggers in Iraq by Bush, Cheney and the Neopsychotics to ensure the financial health of the Oil companies and hence the terrorists. God forbid they produce and sell oil anywhere but the black Market!!!

And, when the Neopsychotics easily convinced Mr. Bush to deregulate not only oil, but banks, lenders, airlines, stocks and everything else he could lay his claws on, where the hell was the Press Corpse? Four trillion dollars in tax money exported out of our country to Bush/Cheney confederates and no press coverage. Plenty of coverage for Aruba and Cruise ships, Paris Hilton and one worthless celebrity after another but perhaps one or two lines regarding Bush’s dishonorable discharge and forged Pentagon papers. And, when Dan Rather is forced to resign over exposure of the President’s faux pas, his buddies at CBS under threat of the government to their families, convince him not to pursue the issue.

Bush and Cheney and 90% of the Republican Congress send soldiers to Iraq with inferior armor, no antimissile devices for their tanks and National Guardsmen with no long-term health coverage for their war injuries. The armed forces are subverted to finance “privatization” of those things that soldiers do so economically- increasing the cost by at least tenfold, this to finance those poor hungry Bush/Cheney donors. Press coverage is at best negligible, of course. FEMA is subverted, most of the funds for rebuilding going to Hotels and Casinos not low cost housing that was promised. Two years later only a few precious articles on this are to be found.

The Justice Department is totally subverted by Karl Rove and Gonzo the goon and barely a whimper from the Press. Governor Siegelman is framed by Karl Rove and his friends, Bob Riley and William Canary’s wife, a crooked state attorney in Alabama. Only one reporter complains, Dan Abrams of MSNBC. He refuses to back off; finally Congress is embarrassed into joining the investigation. Congress finally subpoenas Rove but is afraid to arrest him when he refuses to testify. He claims “Executive Privilege.” Apparently he was not supposed to talk to the Justice Department (as he also did when telling them to fire various Justices for not violating their oaths as he had instructed them), but because he had discussed his crime with the President or Vice President, he does not have to testify to the lowly Congressional Committee. Meanwhile 54 former Attorneys General from around the country are demanding a new trial for Siegelman. Committee Chair Conyers is afraid to arrest Rove for fear of repercussions in his own district. No action will be forthcoming, or course- Good news for Rove and Mr. Bush. What do you expect from a House and Senate run by the political “harlot and half wit” respectively?

The only reason that any articles seem to be trickling out of Washginton and New York is because of the televising of Congressional Hearings on C-Span. My dear friend, a life-long moderate Republican and highly intelligent person, asked me, in complete astonishment after hearing Dennis Kucinich’s charges against Mr. Bush, “Why on earth are they not impeaching Bush and Cheney?”

I have carefully avoided this issue, myself, for fear of repercussions, not from critics, but from friends and colleagues, conservatives and liberals alike. For instance, if the admittedly “liberally biased” media reported, constantly, these treacherous acts of Bush, Cheney, the Republicans and some Democratic Senators and Congressmen, of lobbyists, Raytheon, Mobil Oil, Blackwater International as well as various Military Industrial Companies that have cost us thousands of lives of soldiers and civilians, of people dying without heating oil or medical care, of pensions and life savings stolen by greedy corporations, if these things were aired daily as they should have been, there would be bloodshet, riots in the streets and in Washington (now armed to the hilt thanks to the Supreme Kangaroo Court). Politicians, lobbyists, major executives could, heaven forbid, be killed or maimed.

I believe that if the “shoe were on the other foot,” and F_x News ruled the airwaves, that they and others like Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh would not have shown such restraint. Ironically, the only national broadcast that actually covered the “news” as it occurred (as opposed to years later) was the quite unprofessional “Imus in the Morning.”

It is time for impeachment proceedings. Punishment is not an option; investigation and news coverage are the only options. They are our only salvation! I don’t care who receives “immunity” or “pardon.” Testify or go to jail. Testify and go home! Save our Constitution and our souls!

Allen Finkelstein, D.O.