Religion, Conscience and Politics

January 30, 2008

It is the measure of the religious person as to whether he uses his religion to better himself- to make him (or her) a better soul or does he let his religion use him? Does one vote his conscience or his religion? St. Thomas answered “his conscience.” His religion answered “his religion.” And so, even honorable men like Chris Matthews- my news media “Idol,” whose show I follow with bated breath- who worked for Tip O’Neal, the Peace Corps, for democracy and civil rights- lauded a worthless ex-drunk and drug abuser, an illiterate political hack, a draft dodger, an adolescent with no conscience over a public servant whose entire adult life was devoted to improving the lot of the “common man.” All this because his Church told him not to vote for a man whose associate had committed the unforgivable sin of oral sex with a consenting adult.

Violating scores of civil rights, establishing fascist principles, neopsychotic ideals, sending thousands of innocent people and soldiers to die for the sake of Haliburton, Blackwater International, Hunt Oil and scores of parasitic carpetbagger American businessmen (all huge contributors to Bush’s campaign) to steal Iraqi companies, jobs and lives, that’s OK, but not oral sex with a consenting adult. Letting your bigoted campaigners call a much better human being, John McCain, a “N*gger Lover” in South Carolina- that’s OK too. However that was before MSNBC started covering news instead of “covering it up.”

Your candidate first failed to protect his country from his own laboratory’s anthrax powder (genetically traced) and from destruction of the World Trade Center, completely ignoring Al Qaida, then blamed it on the poor guy and the Party that had so successfully protected the country for the past 8 years. He who never served his country or even the Boy Scouts, called all those who disagreed with him, even war heroes: cowards.

What about the “Church?” As ever, after two thousand years, still condemning a man’s soul and even that of his innocent Vice-President for oral sex, as usual it did not seem to care about all those human lives it helped to sacrifice. No the brave little rodent President (Mighty Mouse) would have to kill millions to equal the barbarism of religion, for which even he has no stomach.

Allen Finkelstein D.O.