Sound the Alarm! The Morons are Coming!


November 11, 2008


As I watched my favorite “pundit,” Chris Matthews finally express his anger at a Republican Strategist, it occurred to me (for the thousandth time):

Now you get ‘mad’ Chris; what happened? Network free you guys to wake up- a stimulus package in your coffee?”


Ka-lop! Ka-lop! Ka-lop! Ka-lop! The hoofbeats shatter the quiet of the night! "The morons are coming! The morons are coming! Henry Paulson and the Oligarchs are free!! Paulson has freed the Oligarchs! He’s freed the Oligarchs! Now Pelosi and Reid and Schumer and the other morons are coming! They’re just around the corner! Just around the corner! They’ve locked the barn door! The morons locked the barn door, but the Oligarchs are already out and they’ve stolen all the money!"


Tax Code 382 is gone. They’ve done it again, more deregulation and with it 140 billion dollars gone, given to the banks in tax credits. It was done in the middle of the night when the morons were asleep. Now they’re awake, peeing in their pants. They’re afraid to say anything ‘cause they don’t know what to do. They don’t understand the economy, housing, corporations, government or taxes or even what their job is- they let Paulson repeal a 22 year old law.


“Isn’t that illegal?” says Schumer to Reid to Pelosi to half of the Republican morons. They are all outraged but ashamed to admit that they have wet their pants again; they decide to hide it from the taxpayers. Afraid to admit that they have been duped by the Bush/Cheney Reichstag again, they retire toward their playpens, stopping only to change their wet and soiled diapers.


They have not heeded the warnings; they actually believed that “Herr” Bush, the poor mentally challenged eight year old, the poor lame duckling, could cause no further harm. Even now, his evil nannies are plotting more deregulation, more damage to the massive scourge of economic and moral values that they have so carefully crafted.


No, these poor excuses for human beings were not purged, as they should have been. Instead, their cancer, more like leprosy, has been allowed to spread. It is only the beginning! Beware the next 70 days! It is not too late, even now. Congress needs to do their duty! Excise the disease from Washington before it is too late! Impeach Bush and Cheney! Force Pelosi and Reid and Boehner and O’Connell to resign their leadership positions! They didn’t read Paulson’s notice, they didn’t read the National Security Estimate or the Patriot Act or… maybe they can’t read, either?



Allen Finkelstein, D.O.



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