Cancer Cannot Be Cured by Denial

April 6, 2009

My favorite pastime for the last few years is trying to put things into plain English. My guess is that hardly anyone really gives a damn about torturing sadistic terrorists or horrible criminals. It would be difficult to object to torture of someone who has kidnapped your daughter if it will reveal her whereabouts and save her life. However, hiring privateers to pay a percentage of their bounty money to local townspeople to identify their all too often innocent neighbors as terrorists or arbitrarily abducting Tom, Dick or Abdul at the site of a terrorist action is not exactly a professional way to identify lawbreakers.

More importantly, torturing these unidentified and uncorroborated prisoners is, possibly, the least successful manner in which accurate information can be obtained. Just think how many man-hours and dollars, not to mention lives, were wasted by the most incompetent “intelligence” organization in the modern world in the hands of the most incompetent and destructive administration in the history of our country.

Just imagine how much good it will do the CIA (and the country) to cover up for the people in the “Justice” Department and even in the CIA- those people responsible, not so much for torture, but for all sorts of useless, incompetent and senseless practices that represent the most serious threat ever to the welfare of our country and to our way of life.

Are those people in the Obama administration that blind? Do they realize the current and former level of incompetence of both the CIA and FBI? We cannot afford the continued mismanagement of those two “Keystone Kops” organization. I, for one, do not care much about punishing people in government. What is needed is their exposure and purging of these elements in both the “Justice” Department and the CIA and the massively corrupt Junior Bush administration. Cancer cannot be cured by denial!!!


Allen Finkelstein, D.O.