The Great Neopsychotic Metastasis

October 27, 2008

Mr. Greenspan’s pitiful testimony before Congress shows, to me, how far and how dangerously (Neo) Psychosis has spread. Alan Greenspan, sadly, a once “brilliant” economist, not only believes that his exaggerated “Free Market” theory is still generally correct, but that under it, the fall of the World Marketplace is a once in a century aberration! In deference to his service to his country and his sincerity, he was treated by the Congressional Committee with kid gloves.

The real testimony should have started with the question: “weren’t there at least three massive aberrations under the so-called ‘self correcting’ systems? What about the ‘Great Depression?’ What about the ‘near great depression,’ averted by, ah… ‘corrected’ by George Bush Senior and James Baker?” After the “Voodoo Economics” policies of the vacuous Ronald Reagan, with artificially hiked interest rates and a 3 ½ trillion dollar national ‘Alzheimer’s’ debt, it took a group of brave, sober men and women to judiciously raise taxes and cut government spending- and save us from the [Neo] Psychotics.

These people did not believe, as did Mr. Greenspan and Friedman, nor the phony (as opposed to real) Christians, in “magic” or “witchcraft.” For the Market to “correct itself” of its ills is like cancer curing itself. When it does, “it’s an aberration.” It’s the exception, not the rule. Look at the rampant metastatic disease of the uncorrected “Free Market:” Swiss and offshore “Secret accounts,” the “Chicago Boys” as Naomi Klein calls them, Oligarchs, first in Russia, now worldwide, the modern “Feudal System.” All this- the epidemic, the pandemic, spread by our Federal Reserve and the World Bank, like a true cancer “uncorrecting” a “Free Market’s” natural immune system.


Allen Finkelstein, D.O.