Devil’s Advocate I

Republicans: Stupid or Evil?

September 18, 2008

It’s too late! The Neopsychotics (“Neoconservatives/Neoliberals”) and all their greed, their evil, their disease must be erased. The American people have a chance, with their vote, to put them out of their misery, the most decadent, worthless party this country has ever seen. The Republican Party has become infected by an incurable cancer, by deadly parasites, Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld, George W. Bush, Phil Gramm, Tom Delay and Karl Rove. It cannot be saved by sacrificing good people like John McCain or Sarah Palin. Bad Christians sacrificing good people to false gods will not bring back our economy, nor will it save our lost soldiers. Those false idols will not bring back our jobs, our homes, our intelligence or our honor.

The stupidity cultivated by the Milton Friedman misnamed “Free Market Capitalists” effected the election of a brain-damaged, bigoted bully named George W. Bush. This man’s “election” was enabled by many a well meaning and good-natured colleague as well as many greedy carpetbaggers and their vile lobbyists.

John McCain, one of the most honorable men of our times, uselessly sacrificed himself in the 2000 Presidential primaries. After winning early primaries, he encountered the real George W. Bush in South Carolina, with his campaign allegations that McCain was a “Nigger lover” who had fathered a little “Nigger baby.” McCain had adopted a precious little Indonesian girl. The brain-challenged Bush and his associates couldn’t even get that right.

Instead of absolutely destroying Bush’s reputation and ensuring that worse than a bigot, but a stupid bigot would not destroy his country, Mr. McCain, shockingly, proceeded to put his own political party before his country. He foolishly permitted Bush to proceed with his vile agenda, to rape his own country! Now that all of the grossly obvious consequences of the Neopsychotic, factless, agenda have been accomplished, how can the Republican party ask for anyone’s vote???

Mr. McCain, a rather bungling but well-meaning gentleman, has bumbled his way to the right decisions much of the time. He has done so due to his character. He has been a maverick, figuring out the evil of the oil companies and lobbyists, voting early on to defeat them. In recent years, however, in a bid to secure his party’s presidential nomination, he has been forced to align himself with “the enemy.” He has had to recant his just criticism of the remedial wing of the “Christian Right.” He has had to align himself with the lower life forms like Phil Gramm and Mitch McConnell, self-serving parasites who repeatedly (check the records!) voted against McCain’s own proposals. They are the very people who have so stupidly and selfishly destroyed our economy. This was the only way he could secure the presidential nomination in his decadent political party.

A wise man would ask for advice from James Baker (perhaps the wisest man I know of) or George H.W. Bush (one of the finest Presidents I know of), men who actually saved the U.S. economy in similar but less desperate circumstances. Mr. Bush Sr., with the help of a sane Democratic Congress, gently raised taxes and cut spending, and by paying off some of the national debt, he and his successor, Bill Clinton, managed to bolster the American dollar, the American Stock Market and the American economy.

Does anyone believe that Mr. McCain or Ms. Palin will not be forced to raise taxes and cut spending to again save our economy?? They are not idiots like our President, nor are they the same evil trolls that are masquerading as Phil Gramm, Mitch McConnell and our Strangelove twins, Cheney and Rumsfeld. Are American voters so stupid and uneducated that they do not see the pattern before their very eyes? We are headed for the Depression of the 1930s. The Bush Administration, led by incompetent lunatics- the severely mentally ill, has destroyed almost every safeguard built into our government by the Roosevelt administration.

How many banks and lenders and insurance companies and investment companies and industries need to go under, how many pensions, IRA’s, 401K’s, life savings (They have actually broken the FDIC for God’s sake!!!); how many lives must be utterly destroyed by these Neanderthals before they are brought to justice?? They should not be permitted to go back to their deceitful churches and pray to whatever evil gods that they worship, begging for forgiveness.

Allen Finkelstein, D.O.