Republicans or Americans?


     It was truly a relief to find out that Vice President Pace did not actually lie about General Flynn’s discussions with the Russian ambassador regarding U.S. sanctions against the Russians. It means that the vice president did not lie, that actually it was the president who withheld the truth from Pence, thereby throwing his own vice president “under the bus.”  It means, essentially, that unlike Spiro Agnew, Pence will be able to take over the presidency when his boss is finally impeached, and he will be able to do so with a clear conscience.  It would also represent a “win/win” situation for legitimate conservatives.  The impeachment may take quite a while and by then, there is no telling how much damage the impetuous and abjectly ignorant child-king, Herr Trumph will have inflicted on citizens of both our country and the world.

     Everything seems to hinge on the extent of the moral bankruptcy of the Republican Party and its representatives in the House and Senate.  We have all watched Republican hypocrites who literally hate what Donald Trump really stands for, his ethnic slurs. vulgar attacks on women, the handicapped, Hispanics, judges, vicious attacks on anyone at all that disagrees with him,  happily give him and his menagerie of political predators a total pass on human decency.  His idea of border security is deporting harmless mothers back to Mexico, separating them from their children.  I shouldn’t complain, I mean according to Ted Cruz and the beyond hypocritical religious right, it is the supposedly Christian thing to do, is it not? Even stalwarts like John McCain and Lindsey Graham did not have the guts to vote against any of their leader’s most absurdly incompetent cabinet picks or condemn his worst policies.  The message that they have sent to their autocratic and undeniably sociopathic leader is basically: “Heil Herr Trumph!” and “Your wish is our command!”

     When are Republicans in the House or Senate going to challenge Herr Trumph about his constant denial of facts, no matter how obvious, with the nauseating claim that anything and everything with which he disagrees is “fake news?.  What will Republicans do when he eventually resorts to creating fake rumors about people in their own ranks to cover his own mistakes.  Believe it, it’s right around the corner!  He has already shown that he knows absolutely nothing about Israeli-Arab and Israeli-Palestinian relations, thereby threatening any chance for eventual peace in the region.  He is undoubtedly the most ignorant politician regarding this subject since Sarah Palin, who when asked if she agreed with a “two state solution” between Israel and Palestine, must have muttered to herself: “It’s a good thing they didn’t ask me if there were any other solutions, how would I know?”  His “bromance” with Netanyahu, unlike the one with Putin, may not be as satisfying for Herr Trumph because our president prefers talking “dictator to dictator.”  Unfortunately, Bibi’s no dictator, but seems to be a poor Schlemiel, currently controlled by simple minded ultra right wing Israelis in a legitimate panic because they have no idea how to successfully manage a peace settlement without eventually having an Arab majority in Israel.  They’ll get little help from Trumph and his extremist fools.  In case no one has noticed, every proposed solution by this administration has been a draconian measure, from reinstating all of the previous banking abuses, to deporting harmless, even productive people to banning members of a religion to wasting twenty billion dollars on a worthless wall!

     My guess is that before Herr Trumph is done, the Bush instigated Isis explosion will look like a firecracker compared to the excitement the pompous fool can create by the destruction of not only the relationship between Israel and Palestine, but by destroying the treaty with Iran and supporting the Russia/Assad regime in Syria.  The last presidential election boiled down, unfortunately, to two candidates, “Lying Hillary” and “Lying Donald.”  Whoever said “may the best liar win!” may want to take those words back!  As for Republicans, I think they need to decide right now if they are really Americans or just “Republicans.”  So far they have not shown that both are really the same.

Allen Finkelstein, 2/15/17