The Booby Prize

 November 3, 2008


Recently, John McCain suggested that the government directly subsidize loans in danger of foreclosure- this would cost some 300 billion dollars, he suggested. Democrats and Republicans both laughed at this “simple minded” solution. They argued that it would not be fair for those of us who are paying our mortgages faithfully to subsidize those who are not. Never mind that the only way to save the value of my home is to save the value of the homes next to me. Never mind that we have foolishly allotted some 700 billion to a trillion dollars to undeserving banks (70% unregulated) who have no plan to lend it to these homeowners or anyone else (“Free Money” does that to you).


McCain recommended the firing of SEC Chairman Cox, a weak kneed, incompetent lackey for the Neopsychotic deregulators of the House and Senate. He is attacked because he suggests this “worm” be fired by the President- who is not permitted to do so. The real point is that Cox has to be fired by someone. The “worm” knew, going in, what his job is and, unlike predecessors Levitt and Pitt, did not make even an attempt to do it. The “worm” needs to be used as bait for the real sharks.


The problem here is not Mr. McCain. It is not his critics. It is not Mr. Obama nor is it his critics. The problem is Congress. It is the problem found in the worst Congress in the history of our country, the Republican House and Senate under the Junior George Bush and it is to be found in the second worst House and Senate, run by the political “harlot” and “half-wit,” respectively- Pelosi and Reid.

While Pelosi and Reid cannot even approach the amorality and abject cruelty of “men” like Tom Delay and Dick Cheney, what they lack in inhumanity they make up for in sheer incompetence. The fact that Pelosi would blame the very people that she so desperately needed for her “rescue package” for necessitating that “rescue,” reveals a person quite comfortable with politics, but not at all with leadership. Leadership takes an understanding of issues, but more than that, it takes ability to bring out the best in one’s colleagues. Pelosi could do neither.


Whom does Ms. Pelosi turn to? To the “half-wit.” Yes, bad to worse… while Ms. Pelosi, apparently, added no understanding to Mr. Paulson’s 3 pages of vacuous suggestions in the House, Mr. Reid volunteered to “fix” the bill, alright. Being totally incompetent, but unlike President Bush, that is, able to read, the mighty Majority Leader of the Senate, though long hard sessions with other incompetent colleagues, through laborious research and reflection, sweat and tears, yes, the “half-wit” miraculously, with absolutely no understanding of his own bill- are you ready… succeeded in adding more pork to a Senate bill than anyone had ever done in the history of the Republic!!!!!


One hundred ten billion dollars in pork, a world record!!! Pats on the back all around! For the first time since Bush’s father’s administration*, Democrats and Republicans had actually agreed agreed on something, a colossal, really colossal way to totally screw the American taxpayers and for themselves to get really well paid for doing so!!!!


Now we have a presidential race between two historically practical candidates. Yes, Mr. McCain has had to change positions a few times and Mr. Obama has as well. They have some differing opinions on taxes and spending and about energy and foreign policy. Yes, McCain, unfortunately, picked an ignorant neophyte as his vice president, but she can read and she does have twice as many living brain cells as our current president. Both candidates have a history of looking at facts and adjusting their decisions accordingly. I prefer Obama, but could easily accept McCain. What I cannot accept is the current leadership of the House and Senate. The membership is obviously no worse than previous Congresses, but the leadership has been downright abominable.

No matter which man wins the presidency, he will face more obstruction from the leaders of his own party than from any other source. I am sorry- to make matters worse, no president deserves to be subverted by the political “Harlot and Half-Wit” team of Pelossi and Reid. No president deserves to be sabotaged by vermin the likes a Mitch McConnel or John Boehner. How can anyone possibly ask for an investigation of anything at all, without first investigating these people?


Imagine a real House of Representatives run by a Rahm Emanuel or a real Senate run by a Hillary Clinton or a Jim Webb. Oh well, I can only wish… Good luck to you John McCain or Barack Obama, whichever one of you wins or loses the biggest prize of all, a prize we will all share with you, God Help Us: next victim of the United States Congress!!!


Allen Finkelstein, D.O.

* Where admitted with James Baker’s help they actually worked with the President for the good of the Republic.