Please Forgive Me                                              

January 5, 2010     
Please forgive me, loyal followers of my blog.  I have spent the last month or so, trying to write a novel.  What motivated me to do this was the lackluster response to articles in my blog.  My readership began to fall shortly after my attacks on "retarded Christian law" as practiced during the Junior Bush Inquisition.  I tried, vainly, to explain that the derisive term "remedial" could not be applied to the particularly evil and self serving Christianity that that the child king and his court practiced.  Early, legitimate Christianity, as practiced by John The Baptizer, Jesus and his brethren, "remedial," if you will, would never have countenanced the atrocities of the creature's administration or of his pseudo-Christian Justice Department.  Ironically, I do not think that these martyrs would have looked too kindly on what I like to call Uncle Tom Holder's "Justice Department."  The saying: "Justice delayed is justice denied," is still applicable after all these years, and Mr. Holder's continuation of Junior's corrupt policies can only lead to ultimate disaster.
Recently, there was a very dangerous breakdown of communication in the Homeland Security apparatus.  Janet Neapolotano managed to make a complete fool of herself on national television.  The president, as usual, could not think of what to say, and much like his predecessor, created the impression that he is above such things as serious bungling by his intelligence agencies.  He waited too long, of course, before condemning the "system" which is really at fault.  What he did not say, what he is afraid to say, is that after eight years of purposely corrupting every U.S. intelligence organization, the previous administration has left us without trusworthy communication and without dependable personnel.
I am not trying to malign the people in our intelligence and security institutions.  The fact is, that after being trained and forced to constantly alter legitimate information, to bend the information to fit the political whims of a Karl Rove or the god complex of a Dick Cheney or  Donald Rumsfeld, even the honest employees are unable to perform their jobs properly.  Imagine, then, the quality of those Junior Bush sympathizers, still loyal "to the party," even at the expense of national security.  Why should we expect these poor sick souls to think any differently than the creatures they so admire?
I agree with people like Pat Buchanan.  President Obama must start acting quickly and decisively.  His intelligence and security agencies must be purged.  The system is almost beyond repair.  Leon Pinetta is a good man, but he was hired as the head of the CIA, not its chief defense counsel.  Any idiot could mount the pitiful defense he has, so far presented, to excuse the utter ineptitude of this horribly corrupted institution.  The damage inflicted on the already barely competent "intelligence agency" by the Junior Bush Neopsychotics, demands examination and treatment.  How many Blackwater International thugs is the agency hiding so that they may avoid testifying before a "war tribunal?"  That is the only way they can be tried, is it not, Uncle Tom?  In Federal Court, whether on purpose or not, Mr. Holder's incompetent lackeys will, of course, insure that these men will serve no time for murder, assault, dereliction of duty or any atrocites they may have committed.
Thus far, the Obama/Holder "Justice Department" has failed to replace people like Alabama Federal prosecutors Leura Canary and Alice Martin, despite their records of multiple political prosecutions, including repeated subornation of perjury (apparently their tactic of choice) and intimidation.  They have caved in to pressure from Republican Senators Shelby and Sessions and have not been able to replace the two harpies with legitimate prosecutors.  My suggestion, Mr Holder: suspend them, pending the investigation of their "misconduct" and let their wretched senators worry about their under-represented state.  You are investigating their "conduct," Mr. Holder, aren't you? Or, are you and Mr. Obama having nightmares, seeing mean Mr. Shelby and Mr. Sessions in your dreams? Big monsters, aren't they?
Well, maybe you can guess why I am trying to write a novel?  Despite the multitude of facts that are interspersed amid my ranting and raving, the result is still looked upon as "ranting and raving."  I mean, who could believe that things are as absurd as they actually are?  The only way they can be believed is in a work of fiction.  That's right.  Apparently the truth can only be accepted as fiction.
During my little hiatus, I have attempted to correspond with various people, whom I admire and respect, regarding health care reform.  This includes Senator Bernie Sanders and Congressman Anthony Weiner, champions of the "Single Payer System" as the ultimate delivery of health care.  I, too, would prefer this concept, but realize that the country is , in no way, prepared for this type of sytem at this time.  Both men seem to realize this and have "bent over backwards" to accomodate compromise.  I have also tried to correspond with Jonathan Turley, Constitutional professor and legal scholar about various health care and legal issues involved in health care reform.  I have not received any replies from any of these individuals, but I am ever hopeful, that sooner or later , I will.
In the meantime,  I hope they will not be insulted if I post my letters on my blog.  I am hoping that my readers can contribute useful suggestions on such matters, just as they have, so graciously, in the past.  I am hoping that I will be able to correspond, as well, with relevant Republican  health care reformers.  After studying some of the Republican suggestions and  understanding their honest distaste for "government interference," I can see the logic in their proposals as well.  Though their perspective is narrow, they do address "portability" and other very promising cost savers, that, for some reason, never found their way into the Democratic bill.  Ironically, some of these ideas were actually advocated by both Senator Sanders and Governor Howard Dean, both of Vermont.
It will be interesting to see, in the next few months, if our two warring parties can hammer out any sort of meaningful health care bill.  The most profound question remains: Just how much graft is each party willing to sacrifice for the good of the people?
Allen Finkelstein, D.O.