August 24, 2007

In light of the ever-expanding role of illiteracy in this country, with an administration that rejects research like a black plague, the greatest and most tragic irony of this new millennium is the absurd “Faith Based Initiative.” Besides substituting the bible for textbooks and factual research, it undermines the intense work and devotion by our forefathers in forming the Constitution. Mr. Bush and his illiterate minions want to substitute faith in a primitive one-dimensional bible for faith in a magnificently crafted Constitution. Like his vacuous “fascist fellow traveler” followers, his voters, like rodents, followed the piper to the sea. They reject the very principles that differentiate us from our adversaries.

No one can deny that, in the truest most psychotic sense possible, Mr. Bush is trying to militantly convert the world to Democracy just as his religion so cruelly and stupidly tried to convert the world to his childish and superstitious beliefs. Anyone who denies this is only apologizing for his own guilt and loss of faith in our Constitution. The preservation of the Constitution is the most important issue of the 2008 Presidential and Congressional elections, but is being ignored by virtually all candidates in both parties and by the Democratic Congress. Amazingly, or not amazingly, the vast majority, in fact, of Republicans seem to have utter disdain for the document except for the 2nd Amendment. Maybe that is why their brilliant patron saint, General Petraeus, gave AK47’s to possibly as many as 200,000 insurgents??? After all, doesn’t everyone have a right to an assault weapon???

Allen Finkelstein, D.O.