Eight Year Old of the Year

November 8, 2008


Today, I watched an ex-prosecutor and defense attorney discussing the plight of an eight year old child accused of first degree murder. Living in Florida, I, like the prosecutor, realize that in Florida the child’s chance of being tried as an adult is a virtual “slam dunk.” However, this crime occurred in Arizona, where an actual hearing is to be called to determine the young accused murderer’s fate. Issues of abuse and other mitigating circumstances will be examined as well as his ability to think as an adult. The argument as to whether an eight year old child can practically comprehend right from wrong or whether a group of mentally ill adults should decide the mental capabilities of a child is, of course, a cruel joke.


At this time, and for the next 72 days, we the great American voters, will have an emotional eight year old in the White House. The Republican Party saw fit to campaign for a mentally, emotionally and morally bankrupt bigot- they were not ashamed to run this man twice. He has managed to virtually bankrupt the entire nation and most of the world economy. He has tortured and killed prisoners, many of whom may have been quite, even 100%, innocent of any crime. He has corrupted every phase of our government, from the now worthless remedial Christian Justice Department to the thousands of government agencies, virtually all headed by compromised and crooked lobbyists. He has enabled his cronies, like Cheney and Rumsfeld, to help steal 80-90% of all funds headed for secular and military agencies and projects by “privatization” of those things that even the government used to do far more efficiently.


He has sent hundreds of thousands of carpetbaggers to Iraq at ten times the cost, to be trained by and to take over jobs of soldiers, not so the soldiers can fight, but, as a favor to the carpetbaggers, a way to reward his supporters. He has squandered over a trillion dollars in Social Security funding on his “ignorant” war in Iraq even as he claims he wants to save the Social Security system by “privatizing” it. Never mind that he will have to tax us another 3-4 trillion dollars to do so. Neither the eight year old accused murderer or the eight year old in the White House understand what “privatization” means! It is nothing but a “faith based” concept to President Bush. Everything he has done has been “faith based.” That is, with no understanding and no facts!


Not satisfied with all the damage that they had done with their Frankenstein Monster, a creature with no brain, taking orders from masters Cheney and Rove, this Republican party nominated a Lady Frankenstein Monster, Sarah Palin, hoping they could continue their “faith based” assault on American values and wealth.


Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse; This morning’s poll on MSNBC showed that over 30% of Republicans were looking to Sarah Palin as the next Republican Presidential candidate. Have they no shame? What would you have me think of people that would put an 8 year old child to death, but would not hesitate to put an eight year old brain in the White House?


My God, at eight years old, I was more educated than Bush or Palin or most of the proudly ignorant American voters. The Republican Party has no shame. To me, it is unbelievable! The Democrats have presented some horrible candidates over the years, including John Kerry, a terrible politician, but every one of them could read and write and count. None of them called their opponent a N_____ lover, none accused his opponent of fathering a N_____ baby by a N_____ prostitute while at the same time being a homosexual. That honor is reserved only for George W. Bush, my candidate for “8 Year Old of the Year.” And, I would hope all of you proud “8 year old” voters who supported the bumbling bigot would proudly share in this great honor.



Allen Finkelstein, D.O.