Rays Diary  8/10/13

Another dismal showing by the Rays’ relief pitchers, disappointing, but not that unusual this time of year, I guess.  Joe and offensive protege, Peter Principle, sorry, Derek Shelton left only four or five runs out on the field this time.  No bunts, no attempts to advance runners in appropriate situations in only four of nine innings this time.  Molina grounds out in the second without advancing Loney to third from second so he can’t score on Price’s ground out.  No run in the third as Longo doesn’t advance Roberts from second to third, so he can’t score on Myers single as he should have been able to do so easily.  Instead, he is thrown out at the plate on a really sad looking fielder’s choice.  In the fourth, after Loney’s lead off single, of course, instead of bunting, Molina hits into the Derek Shelton signature double play, squandering another opportunity to eke out an insurance run.  After scoring three runs in the fifth inning, satisfied that the game is already over, Maddon and Shelton don’t bother to advance runners on first and second with no outs in either the eighth or ninth inning and the Rays put up their customary and well deserved goose eggs in both innings. 

All Joe and Peter Principle can say is “we tried so hard to win that game...”  No, Joe, you and Peter, as is all too often the case, didn’t try to win at all!  Your players put all they had into it, just like last year!  Unlike last year, you might take the team to the playoffs, but clearly, not because of your managing, rather despite your managing!  You cost your team at least 12-15 games last year and this year is obviously no different!  Between Joe and Derek sitting on their butts and the Tampa Bay news media kissing their butts, this team will never win a World Series, no matter how much talent is amassed, not until the best bench coach in the world becomes a better manager!

Al Finkelstein  8/10/13   (Ofinky)