Allen Finkelstein D.O.

May 4, 2006

They wanted to put this guy Moussaoui to death- unfortunately, for what he didn’t say and didn’t do. Luckily the jury bailed them out, 12 citizens more sensible than our leaders. Otherwise they might have had to put half of Bush’s administration and most of the “big wigs” of the FBI to death as well for considerably more things they didn’t say and do. By not following (for some reason) leads given them, they too have caused the death of as many Americans and at least 10 times as many Iraqis, haven’t they? All with information they either made up or did not reveal. The best job our fearless leaders could do was to blame 3000 deaths on a pathetic, hateful, “wannabe” terrorist. Good job!

They have won the most uncoveted award of all- “Biggest Cowards in the World.” Vice President Cheney, who spent the entire Vietnam War in his warm bed, and President Bush, who spent it in a bottle in between snorts. Neither was ever exposed to the hardships of war or even real life. Little cowards as kids, afraid of their own shadows, now with power they bravely invade little Afagrandstand, as Hewey, Dewey and Louie called it some 50 years ago, with Boy Scout Leader Tommy Franks, proudly vanquishing the bathrobe clad natives with our superior air power and armored divisions.

Next, the Might Mice, now armed with one of the best trained (and, Thank God, the best disciplined and compassionate) forces in the world, Bush and Cheney, mighty hunters of little birds, picturing themselves as God’s avengers- send soldiers to kill thousands of people and our soldiers in turn to be killed by our government’s failure to prepare properly or to protect the President’s toy soldiers in a real war.

Alas, our two poor heroes have to settle for the exhilaration of bravely butchering hundreds of birds in an afternoon (I hope, at least, that they eat them). And now, after almost 5 years of our brave and wondrous “War on Terror,” 35% of our bravest and most intelligent populace still feel that our leaders are doing a fine job! At first this seems astounding, however, apparently these sly dogs realize that it was meant all along for these 35%, the Superior Citizens (Master Race?)- the chosen to inherit the country, the earth! They are the beneficiaries of the dissolution of the Constitution!

These people, (Neocons?) approve of the new New Deal, the New State. Of course, for this, there must always be a time of war (hence the War Powers Act):

The War on Drugs!

The War on Poverty!

The War on Terror!

Holy crusades all, synonyms for:

“No Policy on Drugs”

“No Policy on Poverty”

“No Policy on Terror”

And now- a real war in Iraq (how convenient!) and guess what? No policy in Iraq!!!


Recently, the Supreme Court voted 6 to 3 to dissolve constitutional rights for American citizens. A citizen can be held incommunicado for 3 years without charges and apparently tortured as well. It is not clear whether this is in time of war or not. It is also not clear if the “War on Drugs” or the “War on Poverty” count the same as the “War on Terror” and if they can activate the War Powers Act???

Many argue that the six aforementioned judges (and, actually, the other three, for that matter) and Attorney General Gonzalez did not read the Constitution. I am assured that they have all read it- even Justice Scalia- at one time or another. At least, I am told, they all had to read it in law school, for unfortunately for us, they are all lawyers.

Their problem seems to be with the language- the English language. Do not worry, however, this problem will soon be solved. I have drafted a workbook, which I have sent to the Supreme Court Justices and to Attorney General Gonzalez. In it I explain that English is a funny and confusing language. The “Constitution,” ironically, is not only a famous ship, it also used to be an important document. This should clear up their difficulties if they seriously devote time to the workbook.

If they have any real difficulties, my sister-in-law is a reading specialist and she has volunteered to tutor them free of charge.

Using the present Medicare payment schedule shared by laboratories, durable goods providers and drug companies, this should come out to less than seventy thousand dollars apiece: FREE OF CHARGE!

Allen Finkelstein, D.O.