The Press Corpse II

Dead Again

July 3, 2008

They say that “a coward dies a thousand deaths,” which may explain the fate of our “fourth estate,” the “Press Corpse.” They’ve done it again. This morning, I heard the “breaking news.” Apparently, Hunt Oil, another of Mr. Bush’s “bottom feeding scum sucking” contributors (as John McCain would say) has violated both U.S. and Iraqi policy by making a deal to sell Kurdish oil. Sorry to say, this “breaking news” is only 10 months old. In fact, I myself e-mailed a question to MSNBC/NBC 10 months ago for use in the so-called Presidential Debate. I asked what punishment would be appropriate for Blackwater International and Hunt Oil, since both were given immunity by the Bush administration and (by coercion) the Iraqis who were not allowed to punish them. Blackwater was permitted to execute Iraqis at will with no penalty. Hunt Oil was signing contracts with the Kurds to sell their oil on the sly, again with Bush’s blessing despite its violation of American/ Iraqi policy.

In a perfect world, of course, Blackwater’s agents should have a bounty on their heads (don’t worry- alive only) for their apprehension and expulsion from Iraq. Hunt Oil- I’m not sure- they haven’t murdered anyone yet. Meanwhile, there was no room for these questions because we just had to find out which team Hillary would root for in a Chicago Cubs- New York Yankees World Series.

Let’s face it folks, the only reason this “Hunt Oil Scandal” came up at all (in violation of the “Press Corpse” rule: Articles or programs of importance may be published or aired one time only) is because C-Span is carrying Congressional hearings. Now, some 8-10 years after they originally occur, issues like Enron loopholes, deregulation and manipulation of stock and futures markets, airways, airwaves, lenders, and banks begin to appear where the “Press Corpse” had left them for dead.

Now, you can hear Congressmen and Senators ask in total astonishment “Where did that bill come from?” The same ones they voted for years ago. After 6 years of Republican whores refusing to investigate anything except Valerie Plame (forced to by the CIA), the Democratic prostitutes are finally examining the case of the “vanishing economy.” Congressman after Congressman, Senator after Senator acts shocked at the evidence. They “didn’t know” that the Republican Congress (I love you Joe Scarborough, but take it like a man) passed all those evil, Neopsychotic bills- the Enron loophole, the deregulation of the stock market, futures and airwaves, etc. They passed them in an effort to make their masters, their pimps, not billions, but trillions of dollars. They sold their souls, their bodies, their genitals to these companies for a lot more than thirty pieces of silver. And worse yet, our Democratic patron saint, Bill Clinton, signed the bills. He saved poor George W. Bush the honor of a seat at the right hand of Satan- Bush’s one and only chance at immortality- now lost! I almost feel sorry for the “man.”

Allen Finkelstein, D.O.