In The Interest of Oil- Part II

June 11, 2008

Yes, I disagree with George Will. This is not the Classic American Presidential Election. With George W. Bush, the attempt at such extreme division of wealth and power, the creation of hugely divided classes of wealthy and powerful, makes this election different.

Miraculously, after so many vile human beings ransacking the Justice Department, the Pentagon, the Supreme Court, our infrastructure and the Constitution, disenfranchising thousands of American citizens to steal a presidential election, permitting the 9/11 attack, whether on purpose or through sheer incompetent stupidity, a true American hero, heretofore reviled by his own political party, John McCain is left to save his party.

John McCain, who inadvertently admitted that he had sent “his boys” to the Middle East to protect our oil interests, did not ever want to have to do it again. (Nothing to be ashamed of, sir, either statement.) This poor, honest man cannot publicly admit that his party’s president, the same “man” that called Mr. McCain a “Nigger lover” in South Carolina, had to invent some bogus 9/11 type WMD threat so that he could send hundreds of thousands of American soldiers and thousands of bloodthirsty mercenaries to protect the interests of Oil.

John McCain, no friend to Haliburton, Mobil Oil or the hundreds of thousands of Bush/Cheney carpetbaggers who have dispossessed the Iraqi middle class, is forced to defend, not our oil interests, but the interests of Oil companies. He is forced to leave soldiers in Iraq (as is Obama) to protect an Iranian (Shiite) government that will surely treat the Sunnis as the Sunnis had treated them under Saddam Hussein. He will be forced, as will Obama, to leave soldiers in Iraq for many years.

The alternative, an Iranian state in Iraq, especially one hostile to Israel, would, of course, solve the simple-minded problem that Mr. Bush has currently. Without U.S. soldiers in harm’s way, the first attack on Israel will bring about the inevitable (Atomic or Conventional) destruction of the entire country except for the Kurds. Too bad Bush doesn’t believe in diplomacy.

And, Mr. Biden, I hate to tell you (again), that the key to any solution of the Iraqi crisis or the Iran crisis, the key to prevent Mr. McCain from having to send troops back to the Middle East, is to achieve peace between Israel and Palestine. I could have sworn that I said that before and you went out of your way to correct the idea.

It is only this past week that our slow witted House and Senate have finally addressed the issues of our President and the recent Republican Congress’ criminal subversion of the Security and Exchange Commission (the Enron loophole), the Commodities Futures Trading Commission and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to name only a few of their crimes.

The Press “Corpse” is next!

Allen Finkelstein, D.O.