Oink! Oink!

I agree with Mississippi Congressman Steven Palazzo.  We should have offsets to finance the cleanup and rescue efforts for super hurricane Sandy!  Thirty two billion in only one year of overspent medicare dollars from drug companies, another ten billion from durable goods over expenditures, eight billion from overpaid oxygen companies and another ten billion from inflated payments to medical laboratories ought to just about cover it, right?

Of course Palazzo would rather steal the money from the funds already paid into the Social Security Trust Fund by hard working Americans in the form of payroll and social security taxes.  That is, rob the Trust Fund which he and his fellow porkers have already raped to the tune of nearly three trillion dollars!  Then he and his fellow sixty six Republican pigs can hold an old fashioned victory celebration where they can pork each other to their heart’s content.

Al Finkelstein   1/8/12