The Power Behind the Throne

March 5, 2010

Much has been made, recently, over the failure of the Obama administration to correct various inequities of the previous administration.  These "inequities" range from very serious political persecutions, involving imprisonment of innocent Democratic campaign donors through the possible murder of Karl Rove computer guru, Mike Connell.  There are many in both Democratic and Republican circles who suspect that The Obama administration has consummated some sort of agreement with the previous administration.

Under mysterious advisement from some source, the Obama Justice Department has failed to purge scores of corrupt federal prosecutors.  It has upheld, literally, scores of fraudulent convictions involving repeated subornation of perjury by those prosecutors.  It has quashed investigations of corrupt judges and actively discouraged and even punished "whistleblowers."  Political prisoners like Don Siegelman and Paul Minor, seeking justice. are rewarded with longer prison sentences.  Even exonerated victims like Paul Latifi, brilliant engineer and defense contractor, are targeted for destruction and bankruptcy by a vindictive government.

Under the same counsel, the Obama administration has failed to investigate massive election fraud in Ohio.  It has engaged in a huge coverup of illegal computer servers employed in the Bush White House, leading to thousands of "missing" e-mails.  It has dropped investigation of torture of our own soldiers for refusal to torture prisoners. Yes, that is why the administration chose not to release more pictures of Abu Ghraib.  It is also why all investigation of the matter was terminated, especially after the besieged General Sanchez demanded a "truth commission."

Meanwhile the Obama administration, plagued by constant obstruction at the hands of Alabama Senators Shelby and Sessions, with dozens of agency appointments delayed more than a year, unable to replace corrupt federal prosecutors in Alabama for more than a year, chose not to invoke the "secret words" that could open all doors: "It's time to reopen the Abramoff  Investigation."  What kind of advice is this president receiving and from whom?

Many believe that the source of President Obama's bad advice is Rahm Emaneuel.  If so, what are Emanuel and the president afraid of?  It can't be their own secret e-mails, because without illegal computer servers in the White House, and with computer guru Mike Connell eliminated, the White House e-mails can't be destroyed anyway.  The burning questions, thus, remain.  What power does the Bush administration hold over the Obama administration, and who is responsible for the president's foolish counsel?  It cannot be Rahm Emanuel.  He is simply not that stupid.

Mr. Obama, a word of advice: Get yourself a smarter dog.

Allen Finkelstein, D.O.