Neo Misunderstanding



The other day, I tried to explain to my 9-year old grandson why we cannot win the “war” in Iraq. I explained to him that to “win” and end World War II, for example, we bombed Germany, killing civilians and soldiers alike. We ended the war with Japan by doing the same and dropping an Atomic bomb. We defeated the people who had attacked us. We lost the war in Vietnam because we started it. We could not bomb or kill civilians, even by accident. We cannot “end” the “war” in Iraq because we had no right to attack “Iraq," only Saddam Hussein, and therefore we cannot bomb civilians and their cities.

Now, our President and his closest “advisors” are threatening to attack Iran. Again, we have no right to attack a country because of one or two bad leaders. Again, we will lose. Surprisingly, my 9-year old grandson understands completely. Why don’t the President and his Neo-psychotics understand????

-Allen Finkelstein, D.O.