New Years Resolutions

January 1, 2008

A new year is supposed to bring with it resolutions based on both mistakes and appreciation of things well done. Somehow, I cannot help but think of the seven new years preceding this one. They were “lean” and they were “fat” as the bible would say- the rich getting richer, the poor getting poorer. The Democrats, along with the Supreme Court and the Constitution, started to disintegrate before our very eyes.

It all started with Mr. Gore and the Democrats hiring someone’s brother-in-law to represent them in the “Votergate Fiasco,” trying to unfairly recount votes in only a few precincts instead of all of them. It continued with them not demanding to count those 7000 voters illegally disenfranchised by Katherine Harris and Governor Bush. It continued with Counsel Roberts bet with James Baker that the Supreme Court would, indeed, violate the Constitution and deny the state’s constitutional duty and right to recount the votes.

Shockingly, this would lead to two (hopefully) “ex” drunks and their inexperienced national security advisor to ignore warnings about Al Qaida and for us to suffer the worst and most ridiculously handled non self-inflicted attack on American Soil. Somehow this did not occur on Clinton’s watch over 8 years, nor would Gore have permitted it. Instead of asking the incompetent fools to resign, the ever “patriotic” Democrats fell in line with Herr Bush and President Cheney, not only beginning the masterful dissolution of the Constitution, but even attacking the wrong country (Iraq) in retribution and vengeance (the stuff that the Lord says is His, George).

As one of the strongest possible objectors to the War in Iraq, I still could not figure out why the Iraqis, unlike the Afghans, would so resent our soldiers presence in their country. I would estimate that less than 10% if our soldiers are fighting in Iraq. Most of them are rebuilding towns, infrastructures, teaching and generally trying to be as helpful as possible with the population. So whom are these people pissed off at??

It wouldn’t be Haliburton or all those patriotic campaign donors of Herr Bush and President Cheney, the carpetbaggers who have displaced those “Islamic Fascist” Iraqi businessmen who are now on “welfare” would it? Maybe its those thousands of Bush/Cheney “campaign donors” from Blackwater International? After all, if I were an American soldier and I saw one of those patriotic American entrepreneurs in trouble, my first reaction would probably be to take a nap or a piss or maybe say a “Hail Mary.”

My question: If McCain had been President and had chosen to invade Iraq, would Haliburton be there? Would all those carpetbaggers be there? Would we have this “massive insurgency?” I think not. I think not…

Allen Finkelstein, D.O.